These self-portraits began in 2016. The images depict anatomical drawings of a neck in different poses, some from the side and others straight on. In the sideways images the neck is seen as bending back and forward like the motion of a whiplash. These are layered and worked into images of myself in a similar pose. I merge the drawn image with the photograph to depict feelings of that particular part of my anatomy. This represents an ongoing struggle I have with neck and head injuries that periodically leave me with pain or what I have affectionately come to call my “split head syndrome”. This is a way for me to contemplate and play with the notion inside/outside, seen/unseen.  It is also a challenge to portray a feeling visually so others can make sense of what it feels like. The self-portraits were taken using a mobile and point and shot digital camera, and completed using apps on both my phone and tablet. The drawings were scanned from the book Anatomy for the Artist by Jeno Barcsay and the skull x-rays are of my own body from Cat Scan imagery. They are printed on Agwami, a Japanese paper and a one is a unique image transfer with added embellishments. These are unique prints of varying sizes.