Edges inspired these photographs. The boundary between the water and the land at the edge of the lake; the perimeter of seasonal change, the border of the forest and the abyss between two places; one a place I was leaving that held deep felt memories and love and a new place yet unexplored. It is a series of work that is about letting go, giving into what you cannot yet understand or know. The figure was photographed by the edge of the lake in the late September when the sun rakes across the lake onto the land creating a beautiful back light. They are about finding strength within yourself, the mystery of nights under Full moons and the entanglement of nature reclaiming space and place.

These images were shot using a combination of a DSLR and an iPhone. They are processed in multiple apps on my iPad, phone and desktop. They are printed 7.5 x 7.5 inches on bright white matt paper using archival pigment inks, in an edition of 5. Some are also available as Palladium tri-colour Gum Bichromate prints 14 x 14 inches.